Jobs and the Economy:  During Mike’s time in office, he has worked tirelessly to level the playing field for our State’s middle class and help us continue our recovery from the great recession.  He helped pass the Keep Jobs in Colorado Act, which gives Colorado-based companies the priority for government contracts, so when new buildings are built at Fort Lewis College and Western State University, we know that those dollars will stay in state.

Education: In 2012, Mike and our State Legislature approved $500 million in increased funding to k-12 education. As the only state legislator with two Colorado Universities in his district, Mike fought for funding for Western State University and Fort Lewis College for capital projects, and he co-sponsored a bill that capped tuition increases at state colleges and universities at 6%.

Healthcare:  Mike is dedicated to helping the State of Colorado find a solution to rising health care costs and providing health care to children who need it.

Environment:  Mike is committed to protecting our air and water.  He has been actively involved in protecting the water rights of the Western Slope and protecting our rivers. Mike sponsored HB-252 which increases the renewable energy standard for rural energy cooperatives. 

Women's Issues - Mike supports women’s right to choose, and he supports women’s right to affordable contraceptives and health screenings. Mike is also in support of ensuring that women receive equal pay for equal work.  During his time as solicitor General, Mike successfully argued the Colorado’s women’s Health Clinic Shield Law commonly known as the Bubble Law. The law puts an 8-foot barrier around clinics, which ensures that protesters cannot spit on women going into those clinics.

Fracking – Mike believes that we need to have the strongest regulations in country when it comes to fracking and all forms of oil and gas development.  He also wants to ensure that if companies are extracting our natural resources, they are giving back to our state by funding our education system and state projects.

Senior Issues – Mike supports the rights of all public employees and the retirement benefits they currently receive. He does not support taking away the rights that these employees receive under the current system worked out between the Government and the Public Employees Retirement Association.

Immigration – Mike was a strong supporter of Colorado’s ASSET bill, which ensures that all children who attend high school in Colorado can attend college in Colorado and pay in-state tuition. 

Gun Issues – Mike is proud of his votes on gun safety and state legislatures efforts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. These are common sense laws – not stricter laws.  Universal background checks are supported by over 80% of Colorado voters! Mike is strong support of the 2nd Amendment and believes that any law abiding person in the State of Colorado who would like to own a gun should be able to do so, if for any reason your right to own a gun has been unjustly taken from you please contact him. 

Veterans Affairs –  As a Marine and Vietnam Vet who went to college on the G.I. Bill, Mike fully supports providing our men and woman who fought for our freedom with the support, health care and services they have earned. Mike believes returning veterans should received reduced tuition at Colorado colleges and universities, and supports tax breaks for the local small businesses who hire them. Mike also supports reforming the payday lending industry to crack down on predatory lenders who target service members and veterans.

Broadband – Mike supports ensuring that all citizens in the state have equal access to broadband and the 21st century super highway



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