Jobs & Economy – Mike will do want ever it takes to spur economic growth in our State. Mike believes that our state legislature must work to spur development in areas of small business, natural resources development, renewable energy, agriculture, tourism, the high-tech industry, and construction & development.    

K – 12 Education – Mike wants to ensure that every child in the State of Colorado receives a world class education. As the husband of the 2012 Durango High School Teacher of the year, Mike knows the importance of giving the great teachers we have in Colorado the resources they need to develop the leaders of tomorrow. He will be an advocate for proper funding of education and reduced class sizes.

Higher Education – As the only district in the State with two State institutions of high education, he knows the importance of giving the colleges and universities the resources they need to provide a top flight and affordable education.

The Rights of Public Employees – Mike supports the rights of all public employees and the retirement benefits they currently receive. He does not support taking away the rights that these employees receive under the current system worked out between the Government and the Public Employees Retirement Association.

Veterans Affairs –  As a Marine and Vietnam Vet who went to college on the G.I. Bill, Mike fully supports providing our men and woman who fought for our freedom with the support, health care and services they have earned. Mike believes returning veterans should received reduced tuition at Colorado colleges and universities, and supports tax breaks for the local small businesses who hire them. Mike also supports reforming the payday lending industry to crack down on predatory lenders who target service members and veterans.

Oil & Gas Development – Mike is a strong supporter of the safe development of oil and natural gas. During his time as La Plata County attorney he helped write the develop the guidelines that are the gold standard in co-operation between local entities and oil and gas companies

Renewable & clean energy – Mike is a strong supporter of creating an all-of-the-above energy plan for the state of Colorado and is a strong support of renewable energy and the development of clean burning natural gas.

Health Care – Mike realizes that health care costs in our state are going in the wrong direction. He is dedicated to helping the state of Colorado find a solution to raising health care costs and providing health care to children that that need it the most.

The Rights of Woman – Mike supports the woman’s right to choice and supports woman’s right to affordable contraceptives and health screenings. Mike is also in support of ensuring that in the State of Colorado woman receive equal pay for equal work

2nd Amendment Rights – Mike supports the 2nd amendment and the rights of all gun owners.

Broadband – Mike supports ensuring that all citizens in the state have equal access to broadband and the 21st century super highway

Water – Mike supports the rights of existing water rights holders and protecting western slope water from going to the front-range or to downstream states

Immigration – Mike supports working with all sides of the issue to work out a compromise.




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